The town of Bletchley is in the Borough of Milton Keynes, though for many years it was part of the county of Buckinghamshire. The town dates back to Anglo Saxon times and the name Bletchley actually means Blaecca’s wood.

BletchleyThese days, the town is most famous for Bletchley Park. The mansion at Bletchley Park is Tudor in origin, but became a major part of the Allied forces war effort during WWII. This period saw upwards of 10,000 people working here in a highly secretive code-breaking effort. The mission that took place here, codenamed ULTRA, has been credited with bringing a hasty end to the war. Since 1993, the mansion has been a museum that is open to the general public. However, it wasn’t until the 1970s that the work that was undertaken here during the war was revealed.

Bletchley Park employed some of the nation’s most intellectual achievers – crossword experts, chess players and mathematicians were all employed in an attempt to break the secret codes of the Germans and the Japanese. The site is also said to be the home of the first mainframe computer and exhibits can be seen at the Computer Museum, also situated at Bletchley Park. Other exhibits include a scale model of a U-boat used in the film ‘Enigma’.

The surrounding area is one of the immense green woodlands and rolling pastures. The Blue Lagoon was once an old brick-pit that has now been rejuvenated into Bletchley’s very own nature reserve with ponds, winding footpaths and picnic areas, making it a wonderful place in which to come and enjoy the great outdoors.

For livelier entertainment, there’s always nearby Milton Keynes. This new town has a number of visitor attractions including leisure, dining and accommodation options. Xscape is considered to be one of the UK’s premier indoor entertainment venues. With restaurants, shopping, a multi-screen cinema and Europe’s largest indoor ‘real snow’ ski slope, there’s plenty to keep the entire family entertained.