‘We are who we are’ is a saying you can sometimes hear people quote, usually to explain a behaviour they won’t or can’t change. Simply put quantitative genetics answers that question. It is a specialised branch of the study of genetics; that looks at the inherited differences between individuals. These differences not just caused by gene type but environmental factors as well. Quantitative genetics, sometimes known, as the genetics of complexed traits; traits such as height, weight, longevity. These traits all vary considerably in individuals. Quantitative genetics examines statistically the way that factors, genetic and non-genetic can affect these traits.

shutterstock_401433736Quantitative Genetics in Oxford

Oxford’s historic city and university have been the centre of knowledge and development throughout history. Known to encourage its students and professors to search for answers to questions sometimes years ahead of the asking! Quantitative genetics is one such area, and Oxford is proud to host the second quantitative genetics conference. Hosted by Oxford Genomics Centre and Biotexal, it gave an opportunity to bring diverse elements together to discuss methodology, technology and future directions. Visiting Oxford for any reason is a delight, but as a base for challenging concepts and finding others of the same ilk, it is second to none.

Oxford Motivates, Stimulates and Encourages.

No visit to Oxford goes without absorbing some of the intrinsic sense of knowledge. Whatever your reasons to go to Oxford, for a conference, to study or just a visit, Oxford will not fail you. There is an intensity here that encourages and facilitate growth, and you can not fail to feel it. Given that Oxford also knows that everyone needs ‘time out’. To relax, think things through and to chill out, yet again Oxford exceeds expectations; offering tranquil space, to lively bars and discos. So if your interest is quantitative genetics or just Oxford itself, come and visit and see for yourself what you can gain by being here.