TrowbridgeLocated about 10 miles south west of Bath, Trowbridge sits on the scenic River Biss in the county of Wiltshire, in the west of England. The town is perhaps most famous for its once thriving wool trade, which experienced a gradual decline in the latter part of the 20th century; its last mill closed in 1982. Trowbridge is perhaps not traditionally viewed as one of England’s popular tourist destinations, however its proximity to Bath combined with its own history and the surrounding Wiltshire countryside make it an ideal spot for a day trip or quiet getaway.

At the Trowbridge Museum, visitors can learn something of the town’s history as a busy wool production centre. On display at the museum are various tools and machines that were integral to the wool making process including a genuine Spinning Jenny dating from around 1780. The museum is also home to an extensive collection of photographs capturing people, buildings and moments from the town’s fascinating past.

Trowbridge is home to a variety of interesting old buildings, many of which hark back to the textile industry. The remains of old mills scattered around the town tell something of what life was like in the Trowbridge of yesteryear. Meanwhile, the Newtown conservation area is a protected area where visitors can view a selection of classic Victorian residential architecture.

The UNESCO World Heritage site that is the nearby city of Bath is well worth the short trip. Here visitors will find a city rich in history and culture as well as the surrounding natural beauty of Wiltshire. Besides the town’s famous ancient Roman baths, there are galleries, museums and picturesque gardens.

Visitors to Trowbridge will find an ample selection of accommodation options including both up-market hotels and small guesthouses. For dining out, the choices are varied, with everything from Chinese takeaways to traditional English eateries.

Nightlife in Trowbridge is a quiet affair and comprises an evening in one of the town’s pleasant traditional pubs or a visit to the local cinema or theater. Alternatively, take a trip to Bath, where a greater selection of options is available.